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Location and transport

Find out about our location and transport details to make getting to school safe and easy.

Our school is located at: 

100 Eton Road
Lindfield NSW 2070

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Maps end here

LLV Transport and Drop-Off Map

Public transport information

Bus Route 565 is the only bus route which services Lindfield Learning Village. This bus route also travels via Chatswood, Roseville, and Lindfield train stations. 

Useful links:

Carpooling at LLV

Did you know carpooling two return trips to/from LLV on average could save 2.24L of fuel, prevent 5.16kg of CO2 being produced and save $3.94 in costs?

Get started with carpooling at LLV by following the guide here.

Parents will be matched with other families based on their home address, student ages, and days available to car share. 

Given the requirements for car seats for our younger students, we are initially launching the carpool program for 3-6 Hub and above. If successful and there is growing demand, we hope to roll this out to our K-2 Hub in the future.

You can access the sign-up site here:


Kiss and ride

Primary students (and siblings) can be dropped off and collected through Kiss & Ride.

To access Kiss and Ride follow the road down to the Gate 5 entry. Follow the road through the roundabout to the parking bays.

Drive as far along as possible through the parking bays and park inside the marked areas. This allows for a safe flow of cars and minimises cars speeding up the outside lane.

Gate 5 is opened in the morning at 8:30 am and closes at 8:55 am. This is to allow students and teachers to get to class on time.

Gate 5 is opened at 2:55 pm and closes at 3:15 pm. Students who have not been collected are walked up to Parent Reception. If you are arriving after 3:15 pm you need to park in the lower car park and walk up to parent reception. 

The entire campus, from the boom gate at the top, has a speed limit of 10 km/h at all times. This includes through the bus loop, after you drop off your child, in the lower car park and especially if you are running late.

If you arrive outside of Kiss & Ride timings, you need to park your car in the lower car park and walk up to Pedestrian Gate P6.

These Kiss & Ride zones operate under the same conditions as ‘no parking’ zones, which means you may stop to drop off or pick up children for a maximum of 2 minutes. You're required to remain in, or within 3 metres of, your vehicle. 

To use the Kiss and Ride zone please register your car licence by submitting the Kiss and Ride form.

Licence plate recognition technology is used to identify cars as you pass through Gate 5. Leave 5 metres between the car in front so that the camera has line of sight to your number plate. A digital sign shows the child’s name as you approach, and the supervising teacher also reads out names.

Getting to and from school safely

As a parent or carer, it’s your responsibility to get your child to and from school safely. Student safety is our priority.

Keep our school community safe by:

  • driving and parking safely, even if it means parking further away and walking the rest of the way to school
  • being a good role model
  • never calling your child from across the road
  • using the safest place to cross the road.

For parents and carers of younger children

Discuss with your child how to be safe when:

Also talk about and practise:

  • safe travel routes
  • plans for when unexpected things happen
  • what to do in wet weather.

Subsidised school travel

Transport for NSW provides subsidies to assist school students.

  • The School Student Transport Scheme provides eligible students with free or subsidised travel on public transport between home and school.
  • The School Drive Subsidy may help towards the costs of driving children to school if you live in an area where there is no public transport.