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Learning support F.A.Q

Our pedagogy is designed to allow for appropriate differentiation and learning adjustments to be a positive experience for the students that require them. At the point of enrolment, we would need to assess our ability to meet the individual learning needs of each child according to their circumstances. Students with specific physical or psychological health needs will be considered as they would be in any other NSW Public School. 

Will my child receive one-to-one learning support with complex learning needs?  

No, your child will not receive one-to-one learning support. Additionally, our approach is not to remove students from their classroom for support. 

For children with diagnosed learning disorders, we can apply for specific additional funding from the Department of Education. It is not guaranteed that this funding will be approved. It is important that the school has as much information as possible on the nature of the child’s learning needs at enrolment, in order to understand what support would be required. 

My child has a specific learning disorder such as dyslexia and ADHD. How will they be supported at LLV?  

It depends on the severity of the learning disorder and the age of the child. Each individual learning profile meets the need where the child is at and is supported by classroom teacher adjustments. 

Can I meet with the learning support team to discuss my child’s individual needs? 

As we have a waiting list of over 1500 families, we do get a lot of requests for individual conversations. Unfortunately, we are unable to speak to every family interested in a place at our school about their individual circumstances. 

We do prioritise the importance of meeting every child’s learning needs and we will arrange interview times to discuss diagnosed or complex learning needs of individual students as part of the enrolment process. 

In the DoE system this service is provided by your local school. We do not have the resources to provide this for out of area applications. 

Will the open and flexible learning environment affect my child with sensory issues?  

Yes, a highly fluid and flexible learning environment and can be difficult for students to self-regulate. It is very possible that the lack of overt structure, the noise and stimulation of collaborative learning will be difficult to regulate.