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A quick start guide to the Lindfield Learning Village Educational Model

Our Educational Model

You can read all about how our school work on the About Us page of this website. However for a quick start  here’s the summary!

Human Centred Learning

The ultimate goal of Human-Centred Learning Design at LLV is to enable the student to direct their own learning journey and thereby, shape school organisation and pedagogy. Students will own their learning and be able to track outcomes, negotiate assessment with teachers and articulate their learning process. Learning characteristics will be deeply embedded into the learning language and culture.


Collaborative co-teaching occurs in every stage at LLV. The goal for co-teaching at LLV is to establish trusting relationships and a shared understanding of how to enhance learning through co-teaching.

Joint accountability, pooled resources and a variety of effective co-teaching strategies will be embedded into daily pedagogical practice.

Transdisciplinary Learning

Teachers will be intrinsically aware of maintaining a balance between the explicit teaching of new learning and supporting students as independent learners. Teachers will engage in regular self-reflective practices and embed the evaluation of pedagogy into practice. Teachers will be able to articulate evidence of the impact of learning design strategies on student learning.

In Stage 6, transdisciplinary learning will become intrinsically connected to authentic learning experiences through a blended learning model as well as embedded partnerships with community, business and university links.

Individual Learning

Individual learning is at the heart of the educational model at LLV. Individual learning applies to all members of the school community and is embedded in the model of professional learning for staff.

The ultimate goal for individual learning at LLV is that every member of the school community is deeply engaged in pursuing their own individual learning pathway, empowered in this pursuit through the mentor and expert teaching practitioners. Individual learning will involve a balanced program of explicit and independent learning experiences.

Stage Not Age Learning 

LLV is focused on providing innovative, relevant, high quality learning for every member of the Village community. When we talk about stage-not-age learning, this applies to students, staff and parents as well as the wider educational community. We share our learning with others, are open to feedback and see failure as an important learning opportunity.

Assessment & Reporting

Assessment at LLV is designed and timed to inform a student’s individual learning pathway. Assessment is ongoing and will take many forms. We value process over product. A student will have the opportunity to submit a task multiple times for feedback prior to the due date and will have greater than the minimum two weeks notice of assessment. The wellbeing of the student as well as student voice are key considerations in assessment process and design.

The process of Reporting to parents is intended to be live and continuous. Parents can access information on their child’s progress at any point in time.

Community, Business & University Links

The goal for LLV is to deeply engage in meaningful learning partnerships with local community, business and Universities. These connections will build relevance and engagement as well as creating networks and connections for students as they pursue their learning goals in a ‘real world’ context

Flexible Timetable

Individual learning allows for students to engage in their learning any time, anywhere on any device. Teacher time allocated across master classes, guru time, explicit teaching sessions and individual student coaching. Students access expertise of various teachers as required. The Primary timetable will remain flexible and directed towards empowering students to become independent learners. A whole school focus on learning characteristics will enable students to reach this goal.