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Octopus: How it works and how to access it

Assessment at LLV is directly driven by outcomes set out in the Australian Curriculum.

Learning outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge or skills students develop in each subject by the end of a Stage. Our reporting dashboard, Octopus draws in the assessment of each of these outcomes within a year, to provide a live and continuous picture of student progress which goes beyond a single summative grade, bi-annually.

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Learning Guides and Beyond Program

Every student at LLV is a member of a Pod. Each pod has a ‘Learning Guide’ – a teacher who is responsible for each student in the Pod. The Learning Guide plays a critical role in the educational model and wellbeing framework of the school.

The Learning Guide is the key conduit between the child and home, they know and support the student to grow academically, personally and emotionally throughout their time at LLV.

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A quick guide to the LLV pedagogy

At LLV, our practice is collegial and collaborative. This means that teachers work in relationship with each other and the students with a team player attitude. We are flexible, creative, have a willingness to change and will always look for another/better way. We are teachers that are always learners and we will stay on top of global research and best practice. We are happy to fail spectacularly and learn from that. We have and expect our students to have a growth mindset.

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Reporting and Assessment

LLV uses a five-point scale of Novice to Master to assess all student learning. 


Profiles of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations: A person-centered approach to motivation and achievement in middle school


LLV's educational model

You can read all about how our school work on the About Us page of this website. However for a quick start  here’s the summary!

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Characteristic Wheel

The Lindfield Learning Village Learning Characteristics Wheel is embedded in every aspect of a student’s learning experience. These characteristics are explicitly taught and assessed against a rubric.

The  characteristics  wheel underpins  everything at LLV,  to get in idea of how this looks and feels  for your child in the classroom or in the Village community you can read more here


Articles to inspire you

Find a selection of articles below that highlight  trends in educational philosophy, best practice and the future of education.

Books to inspire you

The LLV unofficial Book club, hosts a selection of books that are recommended by staff and teachers at LLV.  Take a deep dive into another world and find ideas, and narratives that support  ideas that resonate with Villagers.



LLV Podcast

At Lindfield Learning Village every member of our community is embraced, valued, and known. We enable the voice of each member of the community and have been nurturing imagination and creativity since our schools opened its doors in 2019.

Join us for our fortnightly podcast Village Stories; Raising Education, and hear the voices and stories that build and support our village and set the stage for others to be inspired by Lindfield Learning Village.