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At Lindfield Learning Village, we have an optional school multiform. Students may choose to wear all, some, or none of the multiform items. If students choose not to wear our multiform items, then they may wear comfortable clothes of their choice.

Multiform items can be ordered from the Friends of the Village website.

Life requires us to make choices according to different contexts and situations. Different settings and activities require different dress codes. Our vision allows for students to respond to these situations and make appropriate choices. 

If students choose not to wear the multiform, please make sure that clothing choices are appropriate, comfortable and safe for all school activities.

Students will regularly have opportunities to visit our beautiful neighbouring Lane Cove National Park as part of their learning. Students will also frequently engage in learning activities including science experiments, cooking, art, and messy play.

Therefore, to ensure safety at all times, footwear should be enclosed and flat. Shoulders, midriffs and short/skirt length should be safe in terms of sun safety and child protection. This means no spaghetti straps, no crop tops, no shorts shorter than fingertip length. 

If you are unsure about whether an item of clothing is appropriate, please seek clarification from your child's learning guide. 

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