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Professional Learning by LLV

"To find the core of a school, don't look at its rule book or even its mission statement.

Look at the way the people in it spend their time - how they relate to each other, how they grapple with ideas."   

- Ron Ritchhart

At Lindfield Learning Village we value the opportunity to collaborate and share with other learners.

In November 2021, John Hattie opened his report with the following statement:

Overall, LLV is an impressive school. Having opened in 2019 LLV is already at or above the state in nearly all measures. The evidence from achievement data also shows the school can be considered a "high achievement place of learning." 

We invite you to choose the menu items which best suit your needs so that we can create a valuable learning experience for you and your team.

Our pricing enables us to cover costs involved in providing the right people to share the learning from our journey with you.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss bespoke options.



Have a look at the menu of opportunities on offer at LLV for Professional Learning. We love what we do here at LLV and want to share and collaborate with the educational community.
Professional Learning Menu

Learning Module Options

We currently have six module options for professional learning workshops at LLV. You can select any combination of modules in any order according to your desired learning intentions.

Option 1: Immersion
Our immersion experience begins with a Walk and Talk Tour followed by a deep immersion in a learning space. Observe - be curious - ask your hairy audacious questions. Your experience concludes with a coffee and debrief with the educators.

Option 2: Culture
In this option, we investigate the key components of our culture and how we use them with all stakeholders to protect that culture as we grow. We will also explore our use of Human Centred Design across the school.

Option 3: Human-centred design
How might you design learning with the individual at the centre? Learn about new ways to approach professional learning in your school and how we ensure wellbeing is at the heart through collaborative and proactive solutions.

Option 4: Teaching & Assessing what matters
Collaboratively building transdisciplinary learning, assessing what we value and building learning journeys centred on autonomy is our core business. These are things that go beyond the curriculum but ensure that the learning really matters.

Option 5: The Technology Trifecta +
This module explores the technology behind the learning CANVAS, Octopus, SeeSaw and Sentral. We will look at how learning design meets authentic assessment, live and continuous reporting and portfolios. 

Option 6: Collaborative pedagogy and practice
Gain insight into transdisciplinary learning design, pedagogical modes including play and maker, collaborative practice and co-teaching in flexible learning spaces. This module hits the detail of the 'how' when it comes to future focused learning.