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2023 Dance Programs at LLV

Dance at Lindfield Learning Village is an energetic, inclusive and creatively nurturing program offered across all age groups at LLV. 

Dance at LLV is delivered by REDed (Raw Energy Dance Education) educators who work with our villagers through two programs - our competitive Jewel Show Troupe program and/or our Enhance Program. 

In 2023 we are excited to expand our program with a focus on growth, inclusiveness, creativity and performance outcomes. The Jewel Competitive Program will compete on the primary and secondary school circuit. And the Dance Enhance Program will work towards a mid year parent viewing, and an end of year LLV Dance Concert.

For all enquiries or to register, please email

Dance Enhance Program (Technique and Exploration)

The Enhance program focuses on technique, creativity and exploration of dance.

Dancers will experience the core components of co-ordination, rhythm, musicality, flexibility, posture, spatial awareness, skill acquisition, performance qualities and creativity. And most important of all, connect with their friends through dance. These classes are ideally for the dance lover looking to receive technical training while being encouraged to express themselves creatively.

All dancers in the Dance Enhance Program can expect in-school performance invitations throughout the year to inspire their focus and commitment to their inner performer and creative.

Dance Enhance Programs List

Jewel Show Troupe Program (Competitive Dance)

The Jewel Show Troupe Program offers an exciting opportunity for talented dancers to showcase their skills, passion, and dedication on a competitive stage.

Led by experienced instructors and choreographers, our dance troupe program offers students a platform to refine their technique, explore various dance styles, and push their boundaries. 

Participation in the Jewel Show Troupe Program offers numerous opportunities for students to compete at festivals and eisteddfods across Sydney and Australia. 

Jewel Show Troupe Programs List

Program Costs

General: $338.00 (incl GST) per Semester

Jewel Competitive Troupes Supplementary Class: 25% discount on Dance Enhance class fee

Creative and Active Kids Vouchers applicable (total: $300)

Semester 2 fees will include an additional concert fee of $82.50

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